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The Baltics restaurant scene continues to evolve through passion and drama

he 2019 Top 30 Baltic restaurants were announced by White Guide Nordic on November 12 in Tallinn, Estonia. The list features eight new entries, five of which opened this year and three of which made it all the way to the Top 8. In all, across Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, the Masterclass Level increased from 10 to 16 restaurants. On the flipside, three of last year’s Top 30 are no longer in business.

“A conservative gourmet might find the developments in the Baltics somewhat confusing. Far from a smooth road to success, the scene is passionate and dramatic, with great successes and equally public failures, grandiose openings and surprising closings. The golden age certainly continues for adventurous foodies,” states Aivar Hanson, publisher of the guide in the Baltics.

More information here:http://www.whiteguide-nordic.com/nyheter/the-baltics-restaurant-scene-continues-to-evolve-through-passion-and-drama-0?fbclid=IwAR1SKT7IstiwM9F1YaZIlc1ZDSc_S6lenkOLQ65vXM1CnanZ-OKMNkXYNio

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