Golf Green Fee (18 holes) at Capitals golf club

Golf Green Fee (18 holes) at Capitals golf club

€ 55,00Prezzo

Since 2006 Golf season Capitals Golf Club started to develop not only the club's traditions, but also the whole of Lithuania's golf courses. During its first year of existence, the club has organized over 30 events and 250 events. Until the first club's birthday, a significant number of club members has been gathered - nearly 200 members have been sold. Since 2006 The Capo Golf Club's Pipiro Academy also has a new generation of golfers. 2007 In summer, a children's golf camp was organized. More and more women are coming to the golf course in 2006. founded a "women's club". Club members meet once a week, play golf, share skills, and have a nice time at the clubhouse restaurant. 2006-2007 In the winter, ski slopes were planned to be installed annually, taking into account weather conditions.

2008 The Capital Golf Course in the US magazine GOLF INK was selected as the best new 2008 project in the international division (the entire world except the United States). The project outpaced the "grenade" of the tournament as Jack Nicklaus's Designed Punta Espada Golf Club in the Dominican Republic and Pete Dye at the Mission Hills Golf Club in China.


Private transfer for 1-3 persons costs extra 50 Eur / one side. 

To the price included green fee only (18 holes).