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If we have one regret about our visit to Lithuania, it was that is was too brief to permit us to savor more of the country that was our ancestral homeland.  If we have space for a second regret, it was that your travel schedule coincided with ours and we did not have a chance to meet you.


Everything about the adventure went splendidly, from the arrival at the airport, which happened to coincide with Netanyahu’s, and the greeting by Alexander, to the restaurant suggestions, to the tour itself.  Petras was always well prepared, punctual, attentive, and unendingly kind and good-humored.  Questions kept bubbling up in my mind. For me, this wasn’t just a vacation, it was a research trip.  I wanted to write about the experience and use what I learned to provide material for a memoir.  


Petras was a wonderful resource and completely in tune with our desires.  We felt secure when he took us places.  We knew they would be of interest and he would find the right words, the right amount of time to spend, the right way to approach everything.  I had my doubts about visiting the Open-Air Museum in Rumšiškės, suspecting that it was a distraction unrelated to my personal concerns.  No more!  I learned many things that pertained to my family as well as the rustic life of Lithuanians who lived in different regions and survived as serfs or small farmers.  Each of the Jewish sites was well-displayed and prepared for our visit.  Appointments, when needed, were made in advance and kept.  The local guides were informed and as pleasant as you and Petras.  We are hoping to return with even more questions and more interest, but the trip could not have been better.

Many thanks,

Dan Rosenblum




2018 JULY

We are back home in New Hampshire with very fond memories of our Baltic trip.

We appreciate all of your assistance and attention to detail, which were essential to making our trip a wonderful experience. The hotels were particularly good and both Tom and I greatly enjoyed the trip. For me, it was life altering.

Some people suggested that I shouldn’t go to the Baltic’s because the connection  to my family’s Jewish history there was lost forever. So, I went on this journey with low expectations. But what I found far exceeded anything I had hoped for. It was important for me to discover that the both the lives and the destruction of the Baltic Jews are memorialized and to walk where they had walked. Our guide, Cyras, was extremely knowledgeable regarding Jewish history, but also about Jewish practices. His commitment to truth-telling is noteworthy, as well. Cyras included a good balance of beautiful Baltic historical sites with Jewish heritage sites.

The highlight, for personal reasons, was the trip you graciously arranged to Ariogala. Our guide, Ramunas, was very good, and we particularly appreciate the connection he made for us with a history teacher in Ariogala who is very knowledgeable about and committed to educating her young students about the history and fate of the Jews. This added a great deal to our experience in my grandparents’ birthplace. We visited the site of the former Ariogala synagogue, memorial markers, and the place where Jews were killed. At my urging, Ramunas and the teacher made it possible for us to visit the remains of the old Jewish cemetery. I felt closer to my ancestors than I ever thought possible. 

The teacher showed us a video of an interview between one of her students and the daughter of a woman who had hidden eight Jews during the Shoah. This woman and others like her, who defied the massacres, are the people who deserve our acknowledgement. Ramunas and the teacher also made a link to this video available to us, and we shared it with others in our travel group. We are very impressed with the work that this teacher and her colleagues are doing to ensure that the next generation does not forget that Jews once existed in Ariogala and what happened to them.

I looking forward to sharing my memories of this trip with my children and grandchild.


Again, thanks so much to all involved for this amazing experience.




2018 JULY

The trip was fantastic.  Cyras was wonderful - he was the perfect guide.  He was funny, knowledgeable and didn't talk too much.  In addition to Panevezys and Krekanava, he took us to Petkunai (where our family name is derived from) and to a street in Vilnius where a relative lived.  The hotels were very nice.  The street noise near the one in Vilnius made it difficult to sleep but that is not the hotel's fault.  To be honest, I was nervous about wiring money to a company that I found on-line, but everything was perfect and I'm so glad that we went.  


2018 JULY

It was a long trip but worth it.  I personally had a great time seeing the country and visiting with our family again.


I would like to complement our guide, Petrus.  He was very knowledgeable and provided excellent service.  His translating skills were especially helpful when we were meeting with our family.




2018 JULY

Best Tour Ever.


We experienced the most thoughtfully planned tour with the best tour guide ever (the Baltic Idea 2018 Grand Festival Tour of Lithuania). Thank you, Bill and Julie

You did a very thoughtful and thorough plan for my recent trip. I gave you some specific goals and you more than met them.


The highlight for me was visiting the Music Academy of Kaunas, which is an outstanding educational resource. My

grandfather, who underwrote part of the cost to build that sturdy building, would be very pleased. It has survived for over 80 years. Although antiSemitism and war destroyed its original purpose, as the new Jewish gymnasium of 1931, the building has continued to house a variety of students.


The Sugihara house in Kaunas was also not to be missed by any tourist. Petras was an excellent guide driver.

His knowledge of various Jewish sites - synagogues, neighborhoods, cemeteries - enriched my own knowledge


Alexander (and his wife, the driver) was well informed. The visit to Salaspils and the Jewish Museum were

especially important.


Most important though is your attention to detail. I think you and your colleague do an outstanding

job to make a Jewish focused tour so rich and professional. Do keep pursuing that market.


Thank you very much again, Simona, for your expertise and your friendship.

Todo anduvo muy bien, quedamos bien contentos. Un  buen itinerario, interesante y atractivo. Liudas, nuestro guía, un excelente conductor, muy amable y atento y sobre todo conocedor  de la historia, política, costumbres.... de los paises que visitamos, lo que le da un plus importante a la visita. 

Los hoteles bien elegidos, bien ubicados en los centros históricos de las ciudades. Único punto a mejorar, la habitación en el hotel Atrium en Vilnius, que era excesivamente pequeña, apenas cabía la cama.

Los lugares para almorzar bien elegidos y buenas recomendaciones para la cena.

Septiembre resultó una buena elección, eludimos las multitudes, especialmente en Tallin, a cambio de algo de lluvia que nos hizo perder un par de visitas.

Los coches para recogernos a la llegada y al partir adecuados y puntuales.

El vehículo, un Dodge, apropiado para los viajes largos. Es importante que las personas que viajan en el asiento trasero estén cómodas y tengan buena visibilidad.

En resumen, lo recomendaremos a nuestros amigos.

Un cordial saludo y gracias por unas buenas vacaciones.


2018 MAY




2017 MAY

The trip was excellent value, and we have no complaints whatsoever, and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I do particularly wish to mention the guide we were given, namely Giedrius.

My friend is somewhat disabled, and he never let her out of his sight. He took us to extra things he thought we would be interested, in above and beyond the itinerary, was very knowledgeable { a university lecturer} always punctual and thoughtful. We had him for most meals with us as we thoroughly enjoyed his company.

I do advise you to use this young man as much as you can, as he is the best guide I have come across in all my years of travel.

Thank you also for your patience in making the arrangements.

Everything went well from the airport pickup to visiting places to airport drop off.

The guide/driver, Cyrus, is very knowledgable, punctual and patient.

The choices of hotels are excellent.

We had wonderful time in both Latvia and Lithuania.



Dear Simona,

    Mindaugas was the very best private guide that we had on this trip. He was very knowledgeable, professional , had an excellent sense of humor, and let us move at our own pace. He helped my wife and daughter shop for unique amber pieces. I would highly recommend him to anyone and he did a wonderful job.






I wanted to thank you for a really good trip and a great experience.  Petra did a great job and all the meetings that were arranged in the various synagogues and museums were very valuable and interesting.  I'd be happy to be a reference if anyone else is interested in this trip.


The Kempinski turned out to be the best hotel by far, of the ones I stayed at.  I'm glad I made that change and you may want to consider that for people on future trips.  It is almost a perfect hotel - great location, great service, best breakfast, very nice comfortable room and everything worked the way it should.


Thank you so much for an amazing trip. Everything worked perfectly. 


The program was everything we could possibly have hoped for, and Rasa was the best guide I've ever had the pleasure to experience. Her knowledge, her passion and her brilliance stunned us all. No matter what people asked, she could tell us everything we wanted to know. 


She was also extremely kind and helpful, for instance when we needed a place to eat on Tusday and Thursday. 


The feeling everybody shared was that we have been given an entire country. Not just facts and figures, but a real sense of what Lithuania is, and what the Lithuanians have been forced to endure, shaping the fantastic country that most, if not all, of us look forward to visit again. 


Thank you again!


Labas Simona...I think my jet lag has finally caught up to now! The trip was went above and beyond in planning our trip. We saw things we did not see before...the castle at Trakai ( a real castle) and the Massacre pit (so sad and moving); and things we saw bwfore but wanted to see again..the Hill of Crosses has really grown in 9 years and almost everyone now speaks English. You re truly amazing. Petras was the best possible guide and interpreter. How did you arrange to get us a special presentation at the bird banding?  We were thrilled to hold and set free the little birds...the trp will always be very special to us!!!!!!    


         RENA & JOSEPH/ ISRAEL/         2016 JULY

We would like to express our deep appreciation for your services in arranging our trip to the Baltic States, on this July 2016. Everything went exactly as planned and promised - or more. 

In particular we would like to say how satisfied we were with the guide. The four of us have travelled to many places, the world over. I dont think we have ever had a more knowledgeable, efficient and considerate guide. The laťter being so important at the Shoa sites, so painful for all of us and especially one, a Shoa survivor.
Baltic Ideas is lucky to have someone like this guide.



We are safely home after a wonderful experience in Lithuania.  We were very pleased with the tour provided by Baltic Idea Generator.  First of all, the highest of compliments to our wonderful tour guide.  He was knowledgeable, friendly, and most accommodating of our every wish.  In particular, he was most helpful in finding information about Marius's father in the days of our trip extension.  We were overwhelmed with what we learned about his life------facts that were even unknown to Marius.  We will never forget these experiences.


The program for the tour was excellent.  We visited so many wonderful places and had excellent explanations of each one.  We also gained many insights into life in Lithuania.


Our accommodations were very good. 


We are happy to recommend your company to others. 


Thank you again for your wonderful help in arranging this tour.




We very much enjoyed our trip.  


The guide was an excellent guide.  His English was excellent and his knowledge of both early and 20th century Lithuanian history was outstanding.  He was prompt, well-organized and always cheerful and helpful.   


The accommodations were centrally located, convenient, and of high quality.


You provided us with a memorable trip and I can give you and guide our highest recommendation.


2015 JULY

Thank you for arranging my travels around Lithuania and then from Lithuania to Latvia and Estonia.   

I appreciate that you always gave me a quick answer to the many questions I had.

The driving trip from Vilnius to Riga and Tallinn was very interesting.  It was a very informative and enjoyable journey.

I had not travelled for many years so I really appreciate that you took such care to make everything so easy for me.  I especially liked my time in Lithuania seeing so many interesting cities and countryside. Thank you too for organising the Sakotis cake making especially for me and of course the great guide.

         ROY & LYNNE/ USA

       2015 AUGUST

Dear Baltic Idea Generator,Thank you so much for your excellent organisation and wonderful patient guide.We are very pleased with all you arranged and feel very fortunate to see the places our families come. We enjoyed Lithuania and hope to return one day to see other parts of Baltic.Thank you



Thank you for organising such a great trip for my customers, the group of 12 that went to Vilnius last week.

Henrik, the main organizer, said that they had so much fun. He could not appraise Sergej (driver) and GT (the guide) enough, they did a fantastic job, GT even sorted so that the group could watch Sweden play Russia in football one evening! Please pass on our regards and thank you to them.


Have a lovely weekend and hope to work with you again in the near future.



I wish every trip we made was organized by you! I dont have enough compliments to express my satisfaction of how perfect everything was. The guide was outstanding. He should be called a "Master Guide". Thank you for a tour We will never forget! We are delighted! We Will highly recommend It!


2015 MAY

We enjoy ourselves very much, nevertheless it is raining. Lithuania is a nice country to travel.

Tuesday was very special, a very nice house and good cooking. Excellent. Today is also excellent, Vila Ula is good. We had rain during cycling, but after arrival we enjoyed our beers in the sun at the lake. And just have enjoyed a good diner.

The scenery is very good, we have seen nice, old villages etc. 


Tour book: pictures, description and adventures.


2014 JUNE

We all thought in no way could our time there have been better. The guiding was superb as were the accommodations and all the services.  Thank you very very much  Unforgettable. 


2015 JULY 

We were extremely satisfied using the guide services you provided. Gintas Zabulenas was outstanding: prompt, responsive, patient, competent, prepared with details we were interested in, nice. We had a superb experience that could not have happened without the guide services, and with the guide services proved outstanding and meaningful. We were able to see everything we wanted to see, with time to pursue extra excursions that presented themselves. The advance research you did based on our interests was excellent. We were met with three enthusiastic local guides in three places on a completely feasible schedule. Gintas Zabulenas was able to call people on the fly and find out details that led us to special excursions. I still wonder how you found those individuals and got them lined up to meet with us.

You communication with me was outstanding. It was a pleasure to have such excellent follow-up and confirmations.

My Swedish companions are planning to return for research trips in the future and they know where to find you.

I cannot think of any way you could improve your service. I will gladly recommend it to anyone. Although I have not used private guide services before (but only experienced those on group tours), this sold me on the idea, if I can afford it.

Thank you for such a good experience. You make me feel happy for Lithuania for your competence and responsiveness as a business. 

All the best to you and your company.



Now that I have returned home and have time to reflect on our trip to Lithuania, I realize how well planned and personal it was. I felt that you were always looking out for our best interests.

We had a great driver/guide: courteous, informative, on time, and helped us interpret current Lithuania.

We loved Lithuania! We even have considered coming back for a cultural week in Vilnius to see opera and some of the museums we never got inside. Let us know if you develop such a tour.

Once again,  thank you for your personal attention in making our trip wonderful!



All in all, the meals in Alaus Kelias, Traktierus and Berneliu Uzeiga were absolutely fantastic  - completely what we were looking for in terms of local, delicious food served beautifully. The parks were wonderful, we were so sorry we could not spend more time in them but many members of the group are planning to come again. The hotels were beautiful. We visited Estonia and Latvia, as well, and Lithuania was by far the best part of our trip. You did a great job in planning it, thank you so much for that!

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